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Running an interior design business involves a lot of moving parts. From creating design proposals, invoicing clients, to placing orders and receiving products, things can easily end up disorganized and overwhelming. Keeping your processes streamlined is key to delivering excellent service to your clients while maintaining your own sanity.

This week's Tech Tip is all about creating a 720 degree tour/walkthrough of your 3D space! Rendering is a powerful tool to help our clients visualize their hypothetical spaces and designs but being able to walk through the space is a game changer.

This week, Dixie is walking you through how to handle adjustments and changes through out the design process. While we always try to get all of the details ironed out before we invoice clients and place orders, sometimes things change. You need a way to make sure to document everything so that you’ll be able to easily find the details in the future. We hope this video helps you stay organized and up to date on all your project data.

Fall High Point Market did NOT disappoint this year! How could it? When you are surrounded by so many beautiful home furnishings and people all in one place, there’s no way that you can have a bad time at Fall market.

As designers, we work in 100 different locations but the one that is consistent in every project is likely a desk. This could be for short bouts or entire days and working at a desk for long hours can have negative effects on a designer's body.

This tech tip Tuesday is all about how to take advantage of work you’ve already done to quickly add products from one of your project’s views to a design board and how to add hotspots with additional information, notes, images, and product links.

Today, Paxton is going to go over creating and using Project Commissions Report Views.  First, lets think about how designer's typically earn commissions. Many retailers offer commissions to encourage designers to endorse and recommend their products to their clients.

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