All Mydoma plans come with basic access to the Mydoma Visualizer. For more functionalities, you can purchase the Visualiser Pro Add-On after joining.Includes Stripe, Quickbooks, Facebook, Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and thousands of integrations through Zapier.

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Lucila Diaz Transformed her business with Mydoma's All-In-One Solution

Lucila was feeling disorganized while trying to juggle multiple applications to run her business. This made it incredibly challenging to locate information, not only for her team but for her clients as well. By joining Mydoma, Lucila and her clients gain instant access to all the tools and information needed for her interior design projects, resulting in a seamless experience for both parties that minimizes confusion and questioning.

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Beth Brunner's Journey to Enhanced Client Experience

Beth was unhappy with her project management software and was seeking software with a client-facing component. She joined Mydoma and used the Mydoma Client Portal to manage and organize her client communication which increased her overall productivity.

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Don Ricardo

Don Ricardo Massenburg Jr. learned that you don't have to do it all

Don was an emerging leader and influencer in the interior design industry. With a bevy of celebrities, professional athletes, and other high-profile clients, Don had his hands full – and was finding it tough to manage it all. He used Mydoma to keep everything all in one place and well organized. It allowed him to stay on track, execute multiple projects with ease, and feel like everything is in control.

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Tanna Edler Rekindled her Business with Mydoma

Tanna was feeling burnt out as a solopreneur, and struggling with her processes when it came to the administrative side of the business. She used Mydoma to not only totally revamp the way she does business, but to also process her payments – upfront and online, ensuring that waiting for payment to clear didn’t hold up her projects.

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Sarah Mouser Uses Mydoma to “Speed up the Process” with Her Clients

When first starting out, Sarah was doing a lot of virtual design, and finding the process of gathering all her product information and presenting it to her clients really time-consuming and messy. She used the Mydoma Product Clipper to easily copy over product info and images to her project to present to her client, speeding up the process and allowing herself to spend time elsewhere.

Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients

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Discover how you can use Mydoma to save time & impress more clients