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Wonderful Wall Coverings Workshop

Wonderful Wall Coverings | What Every Designer Should Know About Wallpaper

Are you ready to skyrocket your profits and take your design game to the next level? Join us for a captivating 2-hour workshop with industry experts Claire Jefford, Katie Hunt, and Jenna Gaidusek, where you’ll uncover the secret to making more money by seamlessly incorporating wallpaper sales into your designs. Dive into the rich history of wallpaper and unravel the meanings behind its captivating symbols. Gain the upper hand by mastering client objections and mastering the wallpaper calculation formula. Learn how to navigate installer fees and determine your profit with ease. Get ready to be inspired by jaw-dropping wallpaper wonders and discover the essential strategies to successfully sell your designs using the Mydoma visualizer tool. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to boost your income and create stunning spaces that leave a lasting impression. Purchase the recording now!

What you’ll learn during this 2 hour intensive session:

  • History of wallpaper
  • Wallpaper symbols explained 
  • Before you specify, know this…
  • Handling client objections
  • Wallpaper calculation formula 
  • Installer fees & determining your profit
  • Wallpaper wonder, project inspiration
  • Why you must be present on install day
  • Wallpaper Resource List 
  • How to use the visualizer to successfully sell your designs with wallpaper