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Lucila Diaz's Business Transformation with Mydoma's All-In-One Solution

Living room model - Harmony Sense Interiors
Lucila Diaz - Harmony Sense Interiors
Room Picture - Harmony Sense Interiors
Harmony sense interiors

Harmony Sense interiors

Based in: North Vancouver, BC
Projects: Home styling, renovations and new builds

The Challenge

Lucila was feeling disorganized while trying to juggle multiple applications to run her business. This made it incredibly challenging to locate information, not only for her team but for her clients as well.

The Solution

By joining Mydoma, Lucila and her clients gain instant access to all the tools and information needed for her interior design projects, resulting in a seamless experience for both parties that minimizes confusion and questioning.

With a background in Actuarial Science, Lucila believed she was going to pursue a career in finance. Little did she know that a hidden passion for design lay within her. In 2003, she ventured to Canada to pursue an MBA in marketing but felt that something was missing in her professional career. Realizing her true calling, Lucila bravely returned to design school after completing her MBA. Since 2006, Lucila has been the proud owner of Harmony Sense Interiors, where her work ranges from Home Styling, to complete concept Interior Designs for Renovations and New Builds. Harmony Sense Interiors Ltd. offers turn-key services and Luxury Styling.

However, as her business grew, Lucila started to realize that managing her firm using multiple applications made it challenging for both her team and clients to locate crucial information. This often resulted in clients having to call her for extra guidance. “It was very difficult to try to consolidate or find information.” Fortunately, one of her colleagues recommended Mydoma.

By joining Mydoma, Lucila has significantly enhanced her client relationships using the Client Portal tool. The platform enables seamless communication and collaboration, providing clients with easy access to essential project information and updates. With the Client Portal, Lucila has been able to efficiently share design concepts, progress reports, and other crucial details, leading to greater client satisfaction.

“I can’t live without the messaging tool because my team and I like communicating with clients that way, and we keep all the history there so that everybody that is included in the project knows what’s going on.”

In addition, Lucila uses the Interior Design Packages as a helpful introduction to her design process, providing clients with a clear understanding of what to expect and how she works. Using Mydoma Packages, Lucila can streamline the onboarding process and ensure her clients feel comfortable and familiar with the design journey ahead. Beginning with a discovery call, Lucila initiates a personal connection with potential clients, allowing her to grasp their vision, preferences, and project requirements more effectively.

“The packages are great, even creating the free discovery call package which immediately generates the client into the system and sets them up for how we are going to be using the system”

Lucila also uses Mydoma’s Purchase Orders and Invoicing tools to simplify and expedite transactions with her clients. With all financial information in one concise platform, she can easily demonstrate to clients the reasoning behind each charge, eliminating the need for additional clarification emails and phone calls. This streamlined process not only enhances client satisfaction but also saves valuable time for both Lucila and her team, enabling them to focus more on the creative aspects of the design projects.

“The invoicing tool helps so that we’re able to create invoices and send them directly to the clients.”

Mydoma’s all-in-one platform has significantly improved Lucila’s organize the backend of her firm. By centralizing essential tools like the Client Portal, Interior Design Packages, Purchase Orders, and Invoicing in a single platform, she and her team can efficiently manage projects and client interactions.

Lucila Diaz - Harmony Sense Interiors
"We could not live without Mydoma, we are clients for life."
Lucila Diaz
Harmony Sense interiors
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