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What happens when two industry leaders have the exact same thought at the exact same time?

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19 Hours came out of turbulent, scary, challenging year. In-person events were getting cancelled left and right, and the industry as a whole was nervous about what the future looked like. And that’s when Mydoma Studio CEO and Co-Founder Sarah Daniele, and host of A Well-Designed Business® and speaker, LuAnn Nigara arrived at the exact same thought – we need to come together as a community online and figure out how to weather the storm, and keep our businesses running.

Thus, 19 Hours was born.

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2020 was about surviving. 2021 is about thriving.

We all know by now that the world has changed – it can be pretty much taken for a given. So while last year was very much about insulating yourself for what comes next, now, it’s time to learn the lessons of the past year, and set yourself up for success. It’s time to make 2021 your year, with the help of some amazing industry partners and experts.
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"19 hours was very informative and engaging!"

"This past year has been an awesome year of growth despite the crazy circumstances. I credit all of those nuggets of information that I took away from 19 hours in helping me to really move the ball forward this past year!"

"I firmly believe that going through all the 19 Hours webinars during the early quarantine days is what set me up to take the leap. I am thrilled. I of course immediately signed up for Mydoma (which I had recommended to my former boss, and he turned down). Needless to say, this was the best decision I could have made and I have you, in large part, to thank."

With some of the best and brightest in the design industry.

John Adcox​

John Adcox

Founder and President SOURCC

Catherine Adcox​

Catherine Adcox

Founder SOURCC

Lizz carroll​

Lizz carroll

House of Harris


Sarah Daniele

CEO and Co-Founder
Mydoma Studio

Desi Creswell

Desi Creswell

Business and Lire Coach
for Interior Designers



Executive Creative Director Words Away


Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy Ganzekaufer Business Coaching

Nicole Heymer

nicole Heymer

Founder Curio Electro

Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford Inc

Peter Lang

Peter Lang

Founder The Designer CPA

Jesse Lazurus

Jessie Lazarus

Chief Process and Innovation Officer Kravet

Charlotte Lucas​

Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte Lucas Interior Design / House of Harris

Salimah Mamdani​

Salimah Mamdani


Stacy Mackenna

COO Mydoma Studio

Luann Nigara​

Luann Nigara

A Well-Designed Business ®

Katy Olson​

Katy Olson

Editor, AD PRO
Architectural Digest

Ella Richads Linwood

Ella Richards

Head of Design
Linwood Fabrics

Demetrius Robinson

Demetrius Robinson

At Home Width Savvy

KaeW0136 Kae Whitaker


Kae Whitaker Media Group

Dixie Willard

Dixie Willard

Onboarding Specialist
Mydoma Studio

Michele Williams​

Michele Williams

Scarlet Thread Consulting

Ann Yancy Headshot

Ann Yancy

Founder & Head Designer
Ro Sham Beaux

Jason Connell Headshot

Jason Connell

Director of Marketing
Mydoma Studio

This Year's Sessions

Learn the essential strategies for achieving optimal outcomes that can make the difference between finding success and getting stuck in a spin cycle.
With Nancy Ganzekaufer

Learn the pros and cons of benchmarking your business as well as the top numbers and percentages to consider in this exercise to measure the health of your business.
With Michele Williams and Peter Lang

The business landscape has changed. Join leading industry experts to discuss lessons learned from last year, predictions and how to prepare for the future.

With Stacy McKenna, Katy Olson, and Jesse Lazarus, and moderated by LuAnn Nigara

Lead Magnets are a great way to build your pipeline full of qualified candidates when you build them correctly. Learn the 5 things you need to know to build a lead magnet that not only gets you leads but increases your chances of converting them into sales.
With Kae Whitaker

Key Shifts Designers Are Making to Build A Profitable 6-Figure Business.
With Salimah Mamdani

Learn to create a menu of design services that pin points the best way to assist a client based on their needs & investment.
With Claire Jefford

Pop some champagne and join us for a chat with the chief creatives behind some of our industry’s most unique brands. We’ll wrap up with their predictions on trends we’ll see throughout 2021 and beyond– straight from the mouths of the people who actually set them.
With Ann Yancy, Liz Caroll, Charlotte Lucas, Neal Edwards, and Ella Richards, and moderated by John Adcox & Catherine Adcox

Stop reinventing the wheel! This interactive panel will discus and review real strategies for growing your social media and marketing techniques you can apply to you own business.
With Demetrius Robinson and Nicole Heymer, and moderated by LuAnn Nigara

This workshop is for you if you are tired of feeling exhausted by the constant hustle and are ready to get back in touch with why you started your business is the first place.
With Desi Creswell

Technology and tools in the interior design industry are a dime a dozen. Staying current can be challenging with so many choices. Dixie Willard, tech guru will review and present your very own cheat sheet of the best trade tools, softwares and gadgets you should consider using in your business!
With Dixie Willard

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