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[FREE TEMPLATE] How to Write an Interior Design Quotation

September 13, 2022

Table of Contents

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The Interior Design Quotation

Unfortunately, there’s more to running an interior design firm than just creating beautiful spaces. It also means doing everyone’s least favorite thing – paperwork!

And while we’ve covered contracts and questionnaires, arguably one of the most important things you have to put together for your client is a quotation.

But what is an interior design quotation and what’s the format?

What is a Interior Design Quotation?

An interior design quotation is a formal document that interior designers send to their client that breaks down each item and its associated cost to complete their client’s project. Line items could be product or services, and it’s used to give the client an idea how much their project will cost.

What goes into One?

An interior designer drawing a floorplan

1. Your Contact Details

Your quotation should include all your business’ details, including your logo, your interior design firm’s name, your business’ address, as well as your phone number and email.

2. The Client’s Details

Your quotation should also have the details of your client. Including their name, their address, as well as the address of the job site if it’s different than the client’s address.

3. Quotation Details

Include the name of the project, as well as a unique number for the quotation (usually labelled “Quotation Number”) and the date it was created.

4. What Is Being Provided

List out each product or service required to complete the project. Line items might include:

  • Rendering or other 3D Visualizations
  • Floor plans
  • Product being purchased for the space
  • Styling
  • Selecting finishes
  • Contractors

5. A Thorough Breakdown of Costs

Next to each of your line items you need to put the associated cost next to it, broken down by how you charge (hourly or flat-rate). If you’re hourly and you’re not 100% sure the hourly commitment, then err on the side of caution and give yourself a buffer – just make sure it still fits within your client’s budget!  

6. Additional Costs or Discounts

Finally you’ll want to list any additional costs in addition to your product and services, such as tax. You can also list any discounts or other items that will affect the total cost of the project.

Get your free Interior Design Quotation Template

Want the fast-track to having a solid interior design quotation? Then fill out the form to get our template to jumpstart the process!

What's the Format of A Quotation?

The format of an interior design quotation is pretty straight forward. Typically it’s a table with each product or service as line item in a row, followed by the quantity in the second column, and then finally the associated cost in a third column, like so:

Line ItemQuantityCost
Solid Hardwood Flooring500$3,145.00

You’ll then tally up all your line items, add any additional costs or discounts, before putting out the final cost the client can expect to pay for this project. Here’s an example of a full quotation generated in Mydoma with product and finishes.

Interior Design Quotation
An example of an Interior Design Quotation in Mydoma

How do you create an interior design quotation quickly & easily?

By bringing your process into Mydoma! With Mydoma you’ll get an entire suite of tools that save you time and money – including our quick & simple quotes and proposals!

With Mydoma, you’ll have all your products and services stored in a library, so you’ll no longer have to copy/paste them into a word doc or excel sheet that you’ll then have to spend time reformatting. You can easily select everything you need for your quotation and generate it in the click of a button!

What’s more, you’ll have a central location where your team (and client!) can access it, without having to worry about making sure everyone has the right version.

If you’d like to see how easily you can get this and a multitude of other tasks for your projects done in less time and with less fuss, then check out a demo of Mydoma, or sign up for our free 15-day trial!

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