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Beth Brunner's Journey to Enhanced Client Satisfaction with Mydoma

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Quartz & Bone Interiors

Based in: Seattle, WA
Projects: Full Service

The Challenge

Beth was unhappy with her project management software and was seeking a software with a client-facing component.

The Solution

Beth joined Mydoma and used the Mydoma Client Portal to manage and organize her client communication which increased her overall productivity.

Beth Brunner began her career in the interior design field over a decade ago. She started her career at a design firm as their first hire. Over five years the firm grew from a living room in West Hollywood to a bi-coastal brand with offices in NYC and LA. She then went on to found  Quartz & Bone Interiors in 2016. She’s been the principal designer at the firm ever since. 

Having used different project management software at other firms, Beth had experience using digital tools to streamline her processes, but she wasn’t completely satisfied with the software she was using. She was experiencing challenges with client communication and found it difficult to operate without a client portal as a part of her tech stack. Trying to keep track of multiple conversations across different platforms was making Beth feel swamped. “Losing client emails that would come in over the weekend because I had over 100 emails in my inbox by Monday morning was overwhelming.” That’s when one of her designer friends from a business group recommended Mydoma. After her first introduction call, Beth immediately signed up for a free trial! 

By joining Mydoma, Beth has found a solution to her communication and organization concerns. The software’s client portal feature provides a centralized platform for all her client interactions, allowing her to streamline communication and stay organized.

With the client portal, Beth can now easily communicate with her clients, share project updates, and receive feedback in one dedicated space. This eliminates the need for scattered emails, phone calls, or in-person meetings, making communication more efficient and accessible for both parties. In fact, Beth now uses Mydoma as the primary way of communication within her company and feels a lot more organized. 

“I like to consolidate everything into one place, so that aspect of Mydoma was a huge selling point for me”

The project management features in Mydoma also helped her organize details and keep everyone involved updated. Beth could share project timelines, milestones and important deadlines to ensure that she, her team and her clients are on the same page. Clients could access the details at any time, which enhances transparency and minimizes misunderstandings. 

“I think it’s a really great tool for having multiple team members working on individual or separate projects, where we have communication going back and forth.”

Additionally, the client portal allows Beth to showcase product selections and recommendations to her clients. She can create catalogues, add product images, and provide pricing information within the portal. This simplifies the decision-making process for her clients and enables them to view and approve product choices conveniently.

“Being able to put all of the products in a really functional way where the clients get visual associations was huge.”

All in all, Mydoma Studio’s client portal has significantly improved Beth Brunner’s client communication and organization. It has provided her with a structured and efficient way to collaborate with her clients, manage her projects and enhance her overall productivity.

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“I like to consolidate everything into one place, so that aspect of Mydoma was a huge selling point for me”
Beth Brunner
quartz & Bone
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