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Sarah Mouser Uses Mydoma to “Speed up the Process” with Her Clients

Ivory Lane Interiors Design
Sarah Mouser Headshot
Ivory Lane Interiors Design
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Ivory Lane Interiors

Based in: Atlanta, Georgia
Projects: Full-Service, Renovations, Remodels

The Challenge

When first starting out, Sarah was doing a lot of virtual design, and finding the process of gathering all her product information and presenting it to her clients really time-consuming and messy.

The Solution

Sarah used the Mydoma Product Clipper to easily copy over product info and images to her project to present to her client, speeding up the process and allowing herself to spend time elsewhere.

Sarah is the owner and principal designer of Ivory Lane Interiors, specializing in residential remodels and renovations. Representing Sarah’s long-held dream of owning her own design business, the goal of Ivory Lane Interiors is to create functional and purposeful spaces that are meant to be enjoyed!

When Sarah first started out in the industry with her fledgling business, she was mostly doing virtual design and struggling with the amount of time she was putting into gathering product info, and putting that into something she could present to her clients. Sending links, creating PowerPoints with photos she saved from the product page, and copy-and-pasted info – it was a mess.

She realized she was doing way too much, and spending way too much time on not just this part of her projects, but in other areas too. And after talking with one of our account managers, she realized that Mydoma was the way to go.

With the Mydoma Product Clipper, Sarah could simply go to a products page, click on the photos she wanted, click on any info she needed, and then easily bring it into Mydoma and her project. This saved her a ton of time, and gave her a professional way to present those products to her clients.

Sarah Mouser Headshot
“For me, the Product Clipper is number one! Before, I was sending all these links and PowerPoints to clients, and it was kind of a hot mess. Mydoma [and the product clipper] helped me really just speed up the process with my clients”
Sarah Mouser
Ivory lane interiors
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