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Tanna Edler Rekindled her Business with Mydoma

Tanna Edler Farmhouse Kitchen 2
Tanna Edler in Kitchen
Tanna Edler Farmhouse Kitchen
Tanna By Design Logo

Tanna by design

Based in: Washington State
Projects: Full Service & Consultations / Local, Remote, Virtual

The Challenge

Tanna was feeling burnt out as a solopreneur, and struggling with her processes when it came to the administrative side of the business.

The Solution

Tanna used Mydoma to not only totally revamp the way she does business, but to also process her payments - upfront and online, ensuring that waiting for payment to clear didn’t hold up her projects.

Tanna is the founder and owner of TANNA BY DESIGN, a full service interior design firm based in Washington State with projects nationwide. Recognized by her use of ample windows, open floor plans, and the idea of bringing the outdoors in, Tanna has also been recognized by the Interior Design Society with their Designer of the Year and Impact awards.

“Honestly, if I hadn’t started using Mydoma, by now, I’d probably be tapering the business down. Instead, I’ve completely revamped my entire process, and business has doubled.” – Tanna Edler, TANNA BY DESIGN

Tanna had been running her business for over ten years. But with a mess of processes, it worked for the business, but it didn’t work for Tanna – and she was starting to feel burnt out.

One of her big pain points was payments. She’d take cash or credit cards with a card reader on her phone, but sometimes phone service was spotty. So she’d have to leave her client’s place, and head back to town to process the payment. She’d then sit there, waiting for it to clear before she got to work on the project, costing her valuable time.

After a chance encounter with one of our events, Tanna decided to take the plunge and try out Mydoma to see if she could roll up her sleeves, completely change how she ran her business, and rekindle that passion she had when she started.

And it worked. Business doubled, she felt more organized and in control, and she got rid of payment anxiety by processing her payments through Mydoma – upfront and online. And perhaps most importantly, she’s freed up so much more free time to do what she actually loves about the business.

Tanna Edler Headshot
“The whole idea of using Mydoma was to give myself more time. I had a vision of what I wanted as the result, but I had no idea it was going to open up all of this free time so that I could do more of what I love. Now, I think I have another 10 years in me.”
Tanna Edler
Tanna by Design
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