When finance and tally became real fun at this Razorpay Office!

Razorpay is the exciting new home for the young and vibrant group of 30+ employees as they shifted to their new office at Kormangalam Bangalore. Well this payment gateway is just more than spreadsheets, tally and transactions. The office interiors speak a different story about the work culture and environment. The place looks lively with a range of workstations, bold color scheme ledge seating embedded on the white wall and warm and bright lights.

The goal of the project was to build a bold identity that reflects the brand and create a fun and flexible space for the employees. The office is spread over 11000 square feet with in house gaming zone, pool table, secret sleeping cabins, gym and lit conference rooms.

Flipspaces is world’s first Immersive Virtual Reality Tool for Interior Design. With having expertise in space design and Virtual walk-through that allows to change interiors for a commercial, residential or hospitality project in real time and can create trillions of room environments on click of a button.

Hexagon shaped Ledge Seating near the window pane

XBOX anyone?

Amphitheater styled breakout zone

In house stocked cafeteria with meal and snacks facility.

Wooden flooring greenery themed cafeteria.

Vibrant bold color schemed seating areas

Stylish window ledge enabling sunlight

Interesting spaces for a quick chat

In house Pool Table

Napping room to stress out

Open space collaborative room

The conference rooms have geometric patterns and straight lines

The wooden cabinets bring a nice homely feel to the workspace.


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