Radio Mirchi – Where you can touch music!

India’s favourite Hindi Music Radio station, as the name suggests, plays music that spices up every aspect of your day. As more companies are joining in on the trend of letting their infrastructure speak for itself, Radio Mirchi too, has decided to jump on the bandwagon. With an expanse of around 10,000 sq. feet, Radio Mirchi has valiantly claimed its mettle in music. So, with Flipspaces on board, they were ready to recreate their office while keeping in mind the doles of Open Offices, as well as the need to put forward a message of belongingness.

The first thing you notice as you enter the office is the abundance of music, as evergreen melodies keep playing in the lobby, embellishing the overall ambience of the office.

The entire lobby gives you a cozy wooden cabin feel. With a huge array of vintage speaker murals on the wall and with melodies always playing in the background, you get to experience your own live-size boombox while you have a seat on the couch. You can even pretend to be a DJ with the vinyl record themed coffee table while you wait. A piano on the ceiling and on the adjacent wall; not on the floor, because no one wants to see a piano with shoe-prints. You can still touch it though. Contemporary decor as furniture, Flipspaces was able to give them the look and feel they desired by-


Harmonizing art and music, to reach the peak of creativity.


Artwork with MP3 written in the middle, just in case you didn’t understand the nuances of music.


Warm colors in the conference room, and work cabins, to get those ideas churning. Grrrrr…


Because music is incomplete without MJ and people playing clarinets.


With its trendy vibes and upbeat music, Radio Mirchi is the perfect workplace where employees enjoy checking in daily and do their thing.

More clarinets and wall art. Yay!


Six seater workstations with bright dividers, because you gotta tell your people about your day while still getting that bread. After all this is the place where all the magic happens.


Need a coffee break? While listening to music? While talking to your coworkers? While staring at wall art? We’ve got you covered.

Have casual chats within this cascade of comfort. Don’t have anyone to talk to? Bob Marley says ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy!’

Unwind from the grind, at this jazzed up break room. They sure love their clarinets.

With Flipspace’s revolutionary VR tech, we were able to achieve exactly what we wanted and established a hub of innovation.

Mahesh Shetty, COO of Radio Mirchi says, “Flipspaces came in, quickly understood our requirements and did an awesome work with constraints of time to give our office more quirk, color and engagement. We were mighty impressed by the team’s unique design ideas and the passion they brought to the process. The end result was an office which was remarkable both in terms of functionality and capturing our culture and ethos.”


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