Newscorp Technology Services – Not your ordinary IT Company!

In India, the startup system has taken off and matured quite well in recent years and gone are the days when people just worked from 9 to 6 in MNCs. But still today, most of the offices are geared towards linear work, providing just three primary kinds of spaces, i.e., workstations, boss’s cabin and conference rooms. Organizations today is adapting the collaborative team work system for the innovation that fuels profitability, but lacks to provide an environment that helps their employee to work and think together.

Trying to break this clutter and to provide better understanding in the ways its people work, Newscorp Technology Services (NTS) switched to Open Office concept to change the dynamics of their office. NTS handles global technology strategy for one of the largest media conglomerates in the world, News Corp. Based out of Electronic city Bangalore with 30,000 sq. ft. area and 250 employees, NTS looks after company’s web development, application support, infrastructure management and cyber operations.

But this company is not like any other IT company that you have seen or worked at. The interiors of NTS are a blend of different Indian cultures, with some marvel designs and architectural elements.  Managing director Rajan Parasuraman says, “It was such an impactful experience that made us realized the power of design and how it can add to the office space. I always wanted the office to look cool in the Indian way. It shouldn’t look like another typical Indian IT company with dull and boring environment.”

 One of the major benefits of the Open Office Concept is it helps you grow your business and bring transparency between the client and the company. “This factor helped us taking leverage on our business at large. Whenever a prospective client visited our office, the culture and the trendy vibes implanted a sense of positivity and confidence in them. This concept brings more transparency not only amongst the co-workers, but also between the client and the company” added Rajan.

When consulted, Flipspaces deep dived into the idea and added important elements from different parts of India. Flipspaces made 3D visual of the office and through VR technology took the client on a Viz-walk where he actually saw the office even before it was made.

First Office in India to have In house Spa & Jacuzzi facility for employees.

Training room designed as Amphitheater seating area with further depressions for keeping laptop and further collaboration.

Welcome to the pantry area with Foosball, pool table, swings and snack bar.

Working station be so cool! . Wooden benches with tables for breaking the monotony of sitting in one place.

Such meeting room much wow! A serene Kashmiri boat wallpaper that also acts as the source of glowing light.

Meditation Room to zone out from the clutter.

This Delhi Red Bus Stop style literally exists in the NTS office having Bollywood posters as the backdrop.

No defined cubicles and cabins to break the hierarchy.

Even washroom is coated with elegance.


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