Newscorp Technology Services 2 – Western and Desi!

Newscorp Technology Services (NTS) is a division of News Corp’s global technology strategy. After switching to the Open Office concept with Flipspaces, they assigned us with another interior design project for their second office in Bangalore! Adopting the similar pattern of making the office look modern with a hint of Indian culture, Flipspaces took on the challenge of making their office a brightly ambient workspace within a space of 30,000 sqft.

One of the best places to work at, according to Silica India, the office expresses home-like vibes, with boutique style patterns. The main pattern of the office is incorporating white with various bright shades of yellow, green and blue.

White walls with blue, green and yellow accents.

Two-seater workstations in main area, with casual chatting & coffee area.

Conference room with blue accents.

Same conference room with dimly lit ambience.

Meeting room with yellow-white abstract patterns.

Client-meeting room with blue accents, and low coffee table with lush white armchairs with green and blue patterns.

Indian-themed peacock wall murals.

Main office with 6 seater workstations. Gazebo in the middle for casual meetings.Veranda-themed windows with ledge planters.


An IT company, filled with cultural decorations and accents, this office gives its coworker a sense of belonging through its ethnic vibes, while still maintaining that technical feel.

Needless to say, NTS was happy with Flipspaces’ take, and execution of the project.

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