MS Agarwal – Wooden Interiors

  1. MS Agarwal is a leading steel manufacturing company in India. They believe in the saying, “Every success story you come across, every inspiring person you come across has showed passion for something”.

Just like Flipspaces, where we are passionate about giving you your perfect working space. We gave their office a wood-based theme, and along came the feeling of tranquil and placidity.

The benefits of a wooden office?

Wooden furniture and wooden products overall are highly durable. It’s strength to weight ratio compared to other materials such as steel or concrete is much greater.  Wood is lightweight and easy to move around, giving you greater flexibility with your office’s interior design.

Look how we incorporated wooden interiors into the elements of their office –

Wooden themed meeting room, with whiteboard and low cabinets.

Reception area with leather couches for seating. 

Transparent discussion room with planters on the wall. Glass coffee table with armchairs and ottoman.

Open workplace environment with desk-dividers. Ceiling lights for individual desks.

Sleek corridors with white file cabinets.

Open seating area with wall art and velvet-leather couches and ottoman.

Workstations and adjacent work cabinets. The overall theme of this area is bright colors like white and yellow.

Flipspaces made the layout of the furniture highly customizable due to the dexterity of wooden furniture. Wooden interiors, wooden accents, and bright ambience; with Flipspaces’ interior prowess, we were able to give them the office they deserved.

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