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The FREE industry-leading event was a great success! We had a fantastic day filled with amazing talks, presentations, and discussions that provided valuable insights and strategies to help attendees grow their interior design businesses.

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What happens when two industry leaders have the exact same thought at the exact same time?

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19 Hours came out of turbulent, scary, challenging year. In-person events were getting cancelled left and right, and the industry as a whole was nervous about what the future looked like. And that’s when Mydoma Studio CEO and Co-Founder Sarah Daniele, and host of A Well-Designed Business® and speaker, LuAnn Nigara arrived at the exact same thought – we need to come together as a community online and figure out how to weather the storm, and keep our businesses running.

Thus, 19 Hours was born.

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19 Hours has seen interior designers through surviving, thriving, and renewing themselves, but now it’s time for…

Expanding your horizons

We’ve been through a lot in the last few years, haven’t we? The first 19 Hours was about surviving the changing world we found ourselves, the 2nd was about thriving in that storm of change, and the 3rd 19 Hours was about finding a renewed drive and passion for your business, and the industry. But now, it’s time to expand and grow. So whether you’re looking to expand your team, your business, or your revenue, this year’s 19 Hours is for you – and we’ll be filling the day with presentations, talks, & discussions to get you there.

So join us to learn how to expand your business, grow your revenue, and grow your passion the right way.

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With some of the best and brightest

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 6 e1686602941420

Michael Bauer

Director of Trade Relations
Feizy Rugs

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 7

Dan Carpenter

Product Manager

SpeakerIcon SarahDaniele

Sarah Daniele

CEO & Co-Founder

SpeakerIcon TannaEdler

Tanna Edler

Tanna by Design

Jenna Circle

Jenna Gaidusek

Director of Community & Education

SpeakerIcon MelissaGalt

Melissa Galt

Design Business Coach
Melissa Galt Inc.

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 3

Susan Grant

Color Envy design

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 3 e1684939303207

Eileen Hahn

Leadership Consultant
Eileen Hahn

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 2 1

Maria Killam

Killam Colour Academy

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 1 1

LuAnn Nigara

A Well Designed Business Podcast

PROFILE HEADSHOTS 1 e1684939319186

Kristin Patrician

Dwelling Envy

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 5 e1686603041416

Enri Tielmann

Chief Design Officer & PD Product Management 

19 Hours 2023 Headshots 4 e1686603058396

Jenny Heinzen York

Vice President of Marketing
Currey & Company

Here's A Look At this year's sessions

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19 Hours Expanding Your Horizons Keynote

A keynote talk from LuAnn Nigara to set the stage for this year’s event.

19 Hours 2023 Melissa Galt Banner

Attracting Affluent Clients: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Luxury Design

Join Melissa Galt, renowned interior design business coach and author of “Marketing Luxury Design: Attracting Affluent Clients,” as she shares her top strategies for attracting high-end clients and growing your interior design business. In this session, Melissa will provide insight into the unique needs and preferences of luxury clients, and how to effectively market your services to this exclusive demographic. From crafting a compelling brand story to leveraging social media and networking opportunities, Melissa will offer practical tips and real-world examples for taking your business to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s top experts on marketing and business growth.

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Designing with Innovation: Exploring the Latest Products and Trends from Top Vendors

As an interior designer, staying up-to-date with the latest products and trends is essential for creating innovative and cutting-edge designs that truly stand out. In this session, featuring Enri Tielmann, Chief Design Officer & PD Product Management at EQ3; Michael Bauer, Director of Trade Relations at Feizy Rugs; Dan Carpenter, Product Manager at Kirsch; and Jenny Heinzen York, Vice President of Marketing at Currey & Company, you’ll explore the latest and greatest products from the industry’s leading brands. From new manufacturing techniques to eco-friendly and sustainable materials, you’ll discover a wide range of innovative and exciting products that can elevate your designs to new heights. Gain valuable insights from our expert panel of vendors and learn how to seamlessly incorporate their product lines into your designs. Whether you’re seeking to expand your design toolkit, attract new clients, or stay on the cutting edge of the industry, this session is a must-attend for interior designers.

19 Hours 2023 Event Banners 3

Visualize Success: How Renderings Can Expand Your Interior Design Business

Are you tired of trying to sell your design ideas with flat, 2D sketches? It’s time to take your interior design business to the next level with renderings. In this panel discussion moderated by Mydoma’s Jenna Gaidusek, you’ll explore why renderings are essential for growing your business and how you can use them to win more clients and sell more projects. Panellists Tanna Edler, Susan Grant, Kristin Patrician will discuss how they use renderings to communicate their design ideas more effectively, allowing clients to visualize the finished project before construction even begins. They’ll inspire you to integrate renderings into your design process and how to work with a rendering VA to get the best results if you want to outsource them. Whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting out, this session will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips for using renderings to take your interior design business to the next level.

19 Hours 2023 Event Banners 4

Power Passion Purpose: Live it, Feel it, Expand it in your Interior Design Business

Learn to activate, elevate, and expand your power and passion in your business with Eileen Hahn, a leadership consultant who partners with organizations to assist them in hiring and leading exceptional people. Live your purpose on earth in a way that is magical, creative, abundant, and fun. Feel a deep satisfaction at the end of every day knowing that you are living your purpose, doing what you were born to do. Lead your staff to the powerful unfoldment and expansion of their power, passion, and purpose so that you all are living and working in joy together creating extraordinary results. 

19 Hours 2023 Event Banners 5

Creating Profitable Color Consultations

Join renowned Colour and eDesign expert Maria Killam for an enlightening session on how to conduct successful eDesign colour consultations. In this session, Maria will share her insider tips and strategies for building a powerful and lucrative business model around eDesign colour consultations.

Whether you’re a budding eDesign professional or looking to expand your portfolio to include online colour consultations, this session will equip you with the essential tools and strategies needed to create a profitable eDesign service. It all begins with learning how to master colour online (aka The Killam Colour System), a niche that gives you a valuable edge over the competition. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to glean wisdom from one of the most respected experts in eDesign and colour. Join us and elevate your business to new heights of success!

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 Closing Remarks

Join us for the closing remarks with Sarah Daniele, where she will inspire and empower interior designers to embrace their unique creativity, overcome challenges, and continue to thrive in the ever-evolving industry. Gain valuable insights, actionable takeaways, and a renewed sense of passion for your interior design journey.

What attendees have said

"19 hours was very informative and engaging!"

Manuella Moreira Headshot

"This past year has been an awesome year of growth despite the crazy circumstances. I credit all of those nuggets of information that I took away from 19 hours in helping me to really move the ball forward this past year!"

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"I firmly believe that going through all the 19 Hours webinars during the early quarantine days is what set me up to take the leap. I am thrilled. I of course immediately signed up for Mydoma (which I had recommended to my former boss, and he turned down). Needless to say, this was the best decision I could have made and I have you, in large part, to thank."

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