HighQ – Another Word for Superior

Flipspaces recently designed and built the office of HighQ, a tech solution company in Ahmedabad spread across 16000 sqft. A combo of solid colors, open spaces and vital workspaces, this office is sure to leave anyone in awe with its unique vision and aura.

The office was designed with the aim of developing a more productive workspace, giving it a fun look with bright, vivid colors and engaging designs.

Ocean-like reception area with floor planters on every corner and HighQ’s logo and a world map at the reception desk. Waiting area beside a city wall mural.

A regal looking waiting area, where you get to wait behind blinds.

Personal cabin with mesh of white and different shades of beige. Shutter blinds for ceiling height windows.

Deepset maroon boardroom with an LED monitor and whiteboard.


Navy blue conference room. Soundproof tanks and LED screens. This cool blue will make you feel at ease.

Green boardroom with the world map as mural, and ledge seating.

Yellow ochre meeting room, with bar themed table and stools. Ceiling height windows, holding up the premise of open spaces.

Bright seating area for employees with ottomans, and a human head shaped rack, signifying thoughts and ideation.

A bright, open ideation space right beside the workspace, placed in contrasting colors.

Bar-cum-coffee shop themed cafeteria, with food quotes on walls and hanging lamps.

Soundproof boardroom for confidentiality.

Maroon-hued training area with a tree-themed wooden shelf, suitable for ideation. Open areas for discussions.


Discussion booths for those quick exchanges.

Open seating area with pillows and cushions, and warli art for activities such as meditation and ideation.

Cozy solid colored cubicles with transparent glass with square wall racks.


With the idea of Open Spaces in mind, Flipspaces was able to create a beautiful workplace for HighQ where clients check in everyday for a refreshing experience.

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