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Making optimum use of space is the most crucial aspect for an interior designing project. Located in Whitefiled, with Flipspace’s expertise at hand, Bosch had set out to achieve just that. The largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide, Flipspaces recently designed & built its Bangalore office. BSH took this leap from traditional to contemporary, fun and quirk office.

Promoting the venture of Open Spaces, the office is bared to sunlight with ceiling height open windows throughout the floor. To offset the direct reflection of sunlight, the floors and the ceilings are kept dark. This has resulted in reduced maintenance costs because of abundant sunlight and warmth.

An open office, the workstation is partitioned into workspaces through dividers, instead of the traditional cubicle. The partitions are aesthetically pleasing metal and wood patterns, which are decorated with miniatures and planters. This will stimulate better communication between employees and increase employee engagement by diffusing seclusion. They’ve incorporated a semiopen discussion area for employees to share their ideas and opinions. Other than that, there is plenty of space to stroll around and relax.

Using primary hues of the palette like blue, green and yellow makes the designer aspects of the interior stand out strikingly. The patterns were further separated into segregations of blue color for core seating area and ledge, while yellow and green color was used for all loose seating.

 Color co-ordinated discussion area, tinges of (bright) yellow and (dark) royal blue.

Solid tints of blue, giving you that cool feeling as you sip on your coffee while you soothe the burning ideas in your system.

Wooden seating areas with wooden flooring for those casual breaks as well as brainstorming sessions.

With 22 meeting rooms, it was a challenge to design each one with a unique theme. Each meeting room was designed with focus on one city from various countries. This gave every office room a unique feel and look. Pillars and columns on the corners were designed with metal frames with hanging planters.


Chinese themed meeting room with a Chinese lantern for a lamp and the traditional Imperial Guardian Dragon mural on the wall.


Two-seater meeting room with an Istanbuli mandala as a wall mural.

Furthermore, the rooms were soundproofed with wall cushions to muffle the sounds. Call booths were introduced for phone conversations to maintain serenity and focus during work hours.  The walls were fireproofed with the addition of fire wool double gypsum boards on eithers sides of the walls.

With a space of around 33,000 sq. ft, Flipspaces designed their office into a boutique style interior.


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