It’s rightly said that ‘A happy employee is a productive employee’. Most companies try their best to make the workforce feel more happy and healthy, as they spend almost 50-60 hours per week in the office than they do at home. Creating more relaxing and comfortable place is becoming a trend in this startup era. PlaySimple Games created one such playful office that empowers and energizes its employees. They are on a mission to create engaging mobile products to connect people. The team is a blend of artists, analysts, managers, developers, designers, engineers and is always super excited about what they are building. They love games and have built & run popular titles such as The Guessup, Word Trek (went viral on the ios and android app), Word jam, Word trip and many more.

So when Flipspaces was building their new office, Siddharth Jain, founder of PlaySimple Games wanted a combination of quirkiness, wit, style, and comfort.An office should be where you feel at home while doing great work. We have always believed in this simple philosophy because spending hours at the workplace becomes so much more fun when you actually feel it’s your den and not just your desksays the founder.   The office is based out of Bangalore with 70+ employees and has look and feel that is young, vibrant, upbeat and jazzy. Siddharth further adds,I wanted a space which encourages everyone to be open with their thoughts and communications, a place where employees would look forward to coming every day, bringing along their passion and energy.”

There is an open collaborative area with green carpet just near the window pane. The daylight exploding in the passageway gives a fresh vibe and help in breaking the monotony of the work

Open Sitting area near window pane

‘I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse’, the Godfather themed conference room with yellow walls help in better brainstorming.

Another small meeting room with Goku wallpaper, adding the Anime effect in this space.

Anime wallpaper in another meeting room

Small breakout zone with In-house Table Tennis and Dart game, keeping Pac Man wallpaper as the backdrop.

In the centre of the office hangs the punching bag that helps the employees to relieve their stress and frustration after an intense meeting.

You can play FIFA at this office! Not Kidding!

Yes, there is another room dedicated for the gamers where they can play PS to escape from their desk and the piled up work.

Working in an environment where you are surrounded with DC characters like Batman, Superman, Green lantern etc. is just so cool. Isn’t it?

A simple old school kind of cafeteria that also works as informal meeting area.

Flipspaces envisioned every detail of furniture and feature that would help    PlaySimple Games become much more efficient and creative to support its growth.

Flipspaces gave structure to their ideas and dreams with the help of VR technology.


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