About Us

We are a Virtual-Reality-Tech-based design and contracting venture that aims at disrupting the way consumers design and execute the interiors of their spaces. At the core of the venture is a path-breaking technology product which gamifies the interior- designing experience for the consumer putting the control of interior-design in the hands of the consumer. Combined with our contracting arm which consists of our own product manufacturing capabilities and curated vendors network, we come in as end-to-end design to execution partner for companies looking to build their office, builders looking to differentiate their residential or commercial projects or players in the managed working space market.

Our core Team

Kunal Sharma

Founder, CEO

Kunal has previously scaled Mexus Education from a 4 people start up to become one of India’s largest and most successful educational enterprises touching over 6000 schools and million students pan-India and internationally.

Ankur Muchhal


Ankur, has had a successful stint with entrepreneurship as the Founder, Director of Xion Media Labs, a media and design boutique handling projects in print, visual media and product design.

Vikash Anand

Partner, Director

Vikash had a stint with Fractal and a brief stint with an educational entrepreneurship venture before he joined the Gloob team to live his entrepreneurial dream.

Mrinal Sharma

Partner, Director

Mrinal has had a stint with consulting in KPMG and Reliance Global and a brief brush with entrepreneurship before he joined the founding team as Director, Sales and Marketing. Mrinal is the go-to guy for Channel Development and relationship management with Dealers and Distributors Pan-India.

Ritesh Ranjan

Partner, Head of Products

Ritesh is a partner and Head of Product at Flipspaces. Ritesh has had a previous stint with co-founding a boutique gaming and app development outfit before joining hands to spearhead the cutting edge tech-product at Flipspaces. A tech and gaming guy as heart Ritesh has an insightful ability to understand design, US with an astute understanding of the domain.

Prafful Sahu

Partner, Head of Technology

Prafful is partner and Head of Technology at Flipspaces. Prafful has previously co-founded a boutique gaming and app development outfit before joining hands to spearhead the cutting edge tech-product at Flipspaces. Prafful has diverse expertise of understanding and developing products across different platforms and architectures which is deonstrated in his ability to combine and putting together various technologies in creating the final product.